Pitch Story Lab is the student-run creative agency at Duke University

We’re the next generation of storytellers.


 Gen Z.

Founded in 2017 as a way to help fund The Chronicle, Pitch Story Lab is a band of student creatives and full-time marketing professionals who help clients transform their vision into a story fit for Gen Z audiences.



Gen Z Insights

Deploy a custom survey directly to college students at Duke or across the nation.

Social Media Advertising & Content Strategy

Boost the performance of your social media channels with a research-based strategy.

Email Marketing Content Strategy

Grow your email marketing lists and deliver high-performing emails.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Embark on a long-term strategy to increase your pagerank on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Competitive Analysis Report

Build an in-depth analysis of the competitors  in your industry.



Everything from interviews to event recaps to short films.


Headshots, product photography, event photography.


Writing that makes an impact and enhances your visual content.


Generate content for your website that is informative, entertaining and helpful for your target market.

Graphic Design

Infographics, advertisements, annual reports, doodles, logos, and more.

Website Design

Easy to manage websites that look great and enhance your digital marketing strategy.


Gen Z Influencer Marketing

Deploy a team of Duke students to share your message on social media.

Social Media and Email Marketing Content Calendar

Build a database of visual and written content custom-made for your social media channels and or email marketing list, with recommended dates and times for publishing.

Search Engine Optimization

Hand over your SEO strategy – we’ll create the content and organize it according to SEO best practices.

 Our Work.

Gen Z advertising used to work like this: Throw some hip creative together, buy some Instagram ads, and watch the engagement stack up. Today Gen Z is the hardest and most powerful audience to reach. They avoid advertising, use ad blockers, skip content, all with shorter attention spans. That’s why I love that we partnered with Pitch Story Lab. Pitch gets how this generation thinks, watches, interacts, and shares. They get it because they live it, right in the heart of a college town. We teamed up with Pitch at a critical time for our company’s growth, and they went above and beyond. Pitch delivered an exceptionally creative story (not an ad, a story!) for The Social Institute that I know will engage teens across the country. All because they speak Gen Z’s language!


Founder and CEO, The Social Institute

Pitch Story Lab exceeded every expectation I had, and delivered high-quality, professional content for ClearSynergy. The Duke students pitched clear, clever and relevant ideas to help me tell my story. They focused on the product, and thought about how best to market to themselves – I loved working with them because I had straight access to my target demographic. I’ve worked with major national agencies, and would put my experience working with the Pitch Story Lab team right at the top. They deliver.


Founder, ClearSynergy

Working at Pitch has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had at Duke. Not only was I able to gain experience in multiple marketing roles and have tangible products to showcase, I was able to expand my perspective on what I thought marketing was and even what I was capable of. The biggest plus, however, was being part of a team of professionals and other student creatives that support, inspire, and create. (Oh, and, the snacks that are always at the office.)


Class of 2022, Director of Creative Services

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